The website that we develop will start from research and analysis, from company profile, competitor analysis, and ease of access so that customers make effective and optimized website and support marketing division as a "presentation tool" that can be accessed from anywhere without space limit and time.


As a web developer, we have thought that a good website is not only informative, but has a view that is less convenient to look at. Design and web programming are 2 separate things, our obligation is to align them.
  1. Website early making with research and analysis for design and content.
  2. Re-Design / redesign with the latest technology websites that have been owned to improve the function of the website as a means of promotion to be more optimal.
  3. E-commerce / Online Business, Creating Online Store or Online Catalog is a Web development service from us, with an online shopping/shopping cart system that can create interactive internet users with the system, ranging from item selection, shipping information, email notification (Email notification). With e-commerce website, you can insert an unlimited number of product items, with the support of the system we developed, allows you to neatly organize the products you sell through your website.
We offer the right solution for you at an affordable price of a website created specifically for your business, and is the first step to grow a business regardless of how much business is running. Together with us, businessmen and entrepreneurs can do business online without having to master the whole science (web design, programmers) which is certainly very difficult and need a long time to learn. We provide the media and the business people who run it as a conventional / traditional (offline) business.

What are our advantages?

We work together with the Hotel Booking Engine service provider, Hotel Channel Manager, and Payment Gateway, this is one of the best ways to improve customer client for HOTEL, VILLA, TRAVEL AGENT, TOUR, CAR RENTAL, where the system uses a payment gateway system, costumer will not only make the payments through credit cards and transfers, more than that they can make payments with agents such as Indomaret, and Alfamart. Our system uses a wallet system where all transactions will be stored in a payment gateway system. In addition, the advantage is in managing the availability (allotment), you can adjust according to the availability of services that you sell.

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