Social Media Optimization.

Social Media Optimization (SMO) services with proven techniques, managed naturally by social media manager. Starting from designing an account to be managed, make it more visible on the search page of search sites when it searched by internet users. Promote it and maximize the function of social networking to increase brand awareness to bring potential leads (potential customers) from real accounts (not fake). Social media accounts are managed into a chain marketing machine

What are our services?

  • Social media Consultation, trending updated.
  • Design and create social media accounts (public figures, tourism destinations, online shops, cafes, Restaurant, etc.).
  • Promote social media accounts.
  • Manage social media account posts (social media manager).
  • Create social media material (photo/video), editing, and design.


Social media accounts can be used for various purposes, for business promotion, horrendous events or certain events, introducing new products, legislative candidate political campaigns, we manage Facebook Fans Page and it well optimized. This strategy is also a potential choice for Web owners to conduct a digital campaign other than with proper SEO techniques.


What can we do?

  • Selection of appropriate social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ Linkedin, etc.) according to your business.
  • Account creation and managed by the social media manager.
  • Integrate social media accounts with Business websites.
  • Encourage an increase in the number of followers on Twitter and Instagram, the Number of Facebook likes from real accounts, and advertising in all social media.
  • Increase the engagement rate.
  • Make it more visible on search engine pages.

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